Our VIP customers enjoy the luxury of:
- Having a special price, lower than the regular customers
- Their merchandise is secure for the time that the customer need it, having the merchandise with no need of waiting time to received it.
- Free Shipping (in limited areas)
- 15 days payment facilities with no need of credit application.
- Facilities to apply for a Credit Line
- Free Samples
If you are or want to be one of our VIP customers and enjoy these benefits, please contact us and received the “VIP Customer Agreement”.


Our dedication is to identify the right client for Rentaino and provide such clients with the adequate products and services. We have a growing list of local customers all over Dominican Republic; as a result we have strategically located our offices in each of the key regions to be able to provide on-time quality service to all our local clients.

With offices in Santo Domingo, La Romana and Santiago, and representatives in other regions.  We provide our clients with an immediate access to all our products, they are able to visit online, in our offices and see or order samples in the commodity of your business.

For more information contact our local offices.


Our products and services go beyond our frontiers, and this is because clients for all over the American Continent are claiming our products and inviting us to jump our border and achieved our vision, facilitating our products to other countries. That's why we create our Caribbean and International Sales Department that can attend your requirement not only in Spanish but in English, French, Creole and Italian too. At the moment we have a growing list of customers in the Caribbean region and they can enjoy a personal service in their own language. Quotations and samples of applicable products can be facilitated.

Our international team work out of Santo Domingo and San Diego, California. Where they facilitate our clients with an immediate access to all our products shipping from either Miami or Dominican Republic, there are also possibilities for clients to visit any of our locations and pick up product as needed.

With Our main office located in the United States, our access to products for our clients covers a wide range. Your quotation requests or orders can be placed online thought our website or making the request by email or calling directly to our international sales team.

Rentaino's Caribbean and international sales department is always ready to assist you.
Phone 809-701-6493
Skype: Rentaino ventas int

Administrative Office
(Santo Domingo)

Calle Central, Bloque 22, #3, Sector El Cacique, Santo Domingo, RD.
TEL: 809.476.7930 - 809.620.1857

Commercial Office
(Santo Domingo)

Ave. 27 de Febrero, #527 casi esquina privada, Plaza Neise #2, El Millon.
TEL: 809.476.7930 - 809.620.1857

Commercial Office
(Puerto Plata)

Carretera Luperon Km1, Plaza Popular local 106, (Frente a los depositos de Brugal), Puerto Plata, RD.
TEL: 809.261.4920 - 809.261.4408

Commercial Office
(La Romana)

Ave. Padre Abreu #5, Esq. Tiburcio Millán López Sector Villa verde, La Romana, RD.
TEL: 809.349.4430 - 809.349.4388

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