Rentaino is an American company registered in the Dominican Republic with presence in other Caribbean countries. Our focus is import, fabrication, rent, sales, personalization and distribution of towels, bed linens, beauty products, hotels amenities and softwares, in other words, we offer the solutions that our clients need. We are pioneering the service of towel and linen rental for hospitality and beauty industries in the Dominican Republic. Along with other services such as provision of renewable energy solution (photovoltaic) for hotels and private clinics in the region and software for the hospitality industry.

Rentaino imports products and materials directly from manufacturers and suppliers from Pakistan, Europe, China and USA. We export our products to major Caribbean countries direct from our facility in Miami or Dominican Republic locations where clients can pick up products directly too.
We intend to create a long lasting presence in the entire Caribbean market by providing products of high quality at affordable prices and excellent customer service.

Our Clear Mission

To offer  our customers solutions in the form of products and services of the required quality at competitive prices with personalized service and all the additional services that may be necessary for the good use of these products in order to fulfill and satisfy their needs creating a long lasting business relationship.


Our mission is to offer products and services of the required quality at competitive prices and personalized services to our customers in order to satisfy their needs, creating a long lasting business relationship.

Our Vision

To consolidate our leadership in quality, services and prices in sales and rents Dominican Republic with expansion into other international markets.


Our philosophy points out who we are, what we want and what we believe in.  It is the corporate pillar that sustains our company.

Our Values:

1. EXCELLENT QUALITY OF SERVICES. - The good customer service is the fundamental motive of our actions, we strive permanently to satisfy with quality and satisfy the demands.
2. LEADERSHIP ATTITUDE. - Being pioneers in the rental service in the country we are aware of what the market requires showing our customers a new way of doing business; so we can stay as the leading company in this service.
3. PERMANENT RENEWAL. - We continually update ourselves to become an icon of continuous development and improvement, keeping up with the international development (North American and European) advances of the industries with which we work.
4. RESPECT TO THE LAWS AND MORAL RULES.- We comply with all national and international laws, which regulate the development of the business and with all moral precepts that govern social coexistence.
5. CONSIDERATION AND RESPECT TO OTHERS.- We optimize time, take care of the resources entrusted to us and do not underestimate the urgencies of our clients, with the purpose of streamlining procedures and satisfying their requirements in a timely manner.
6. SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. - We have a high sense of respect and consideration to our clients and in our organization, each one demonstrates it in the correct development of their responsibilities.
7. TEAMWORK. - We are a team with a high sense of cooperation and fraternity, which unites their talents in a harmonious way to achieve the goals set.
8. COMPETITION. - We welcome competition and promise to match proven and verifiable offers our clients present us from our competitors.

Administrative Office
(Santo Domingo)

Calle Central, Bloque 22, #3, Sector El Cacique, Santo Domingo, RD.
TEL: 809.476.7930 - 809.620.1857

Commercial Office
(Santo Domingo)

Ave. 27 de Febrero, #527 casi esquina privada, Plaza Neise #2, El Millon.
TEL: 809.476.7930 - 809.620.1857

Commercial Office
(Puerto Plata)

Carretera Luperon Km1, Plaza Popular local 106, (Frente a los depositos de Brugal), Puerto Plata, RD.
TEL: 809.261.4920 - 809.261.4408

Commercial Office
(La Romana)

Ave. Padre Abreu #5, Esq. Tiburcio Millán López Sector Villa verde, La Romana, RD.
TEL: 809.349.4430 - 809.349.4388

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