Rentaino offers credit line to qualifying customers in the Dominican Republic whom have proven their loyalty and positive engagement with the company. This is a requirement for clients soliciting credit.
Are you interested on our credit line? Received the Credit Application by Click here.
Our VIP customers enjoy the luxury of:
- Have a special price lower than the regular customers
- Their merchandise is separate and safe waiting for the time that the customer need it, having the merchandise with no need of waiting time to received it.
- Enjoy
If you are or want to be one of our preferred clients and enjoy our special clients prices, credit line and have your merchandise always in the time you need it, please received the “Sale/Purchase Mutual Agreement” by clicking here.

Administrative Office
(Santo Domingo)

Calle Central, Bloque 22, #3, Sector El Cacique, Santo Domingo, RD.
TEL: 809.476.7930 - 809.620.1857

Commercial Office
(Santo Domingo)

Ave. 27 de Febrero, #527 casi esquina privada, Plaza Neise #2, El Millon.
TEL: 809.476.7930 - 809.620.1857

Commercial Office
(Puerto Plata)

Carretera Luperon Km1, Plaza Popular local 106, (Frente a los depositos de Brugal), Puerto Plata, RD.
TEL: 809.261.4920 - 809.261.4408

Commercial Office
(La Romana)

Ave. Padre Abreu #5, Esq. Tiburcio Millán López Sector Villa verde, La Romana, RD.
TEL: 809.349.4430 - 809.349.4388

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