Isolated solar technology now offers an alternative option for those establishments that do not have access to conventional power grids either because they are in an isolated area where electrical lines are not installed or for some reason they are unable to access the electricity for distance, cost, because the area is located in the passage of protected areas or simply because they want to get away from fossil fuels. This system is profitable for consumption that are located more than 2km from the main grids.

With POLYCON Rentaino customers can become independent power generators since this power plant only needs the sun, so they save money and at the same time improve our environment.

With F&S Solar smart isolated photovoltaic systems it is possible to generate clean solar electricity in any hotel, clinic or other business in the Dominican Republic and in the world. Using these systems, it is possible to quickly set the local power sources that can generate and store power in a fully independent way.

Polycon offers:

-Decentralized off grid system
-No need for the conventional electricity grid
-Eliminates green house emissions
-24 hours a day uninterrupted power
-Total independence on oil price fluctuations
-Significantly lower or no diesel consumptions
-System is noiseless and ecologically compatible
-Return of Investment in 4-6 years (depending on various factors)
-Guarantees intelligent management of energy for highest efficiency
-Cost-efficiency on the long term (Solar panel can lasts for as at least 25 years)
-Integrated energy storage of the newest generation for an uninterrupted energy supply
And much more...

Solution available in the following categories:

POLYCON PC 90 = 22, 5 up to 27, 0 kWp
POLYCON PC 66 = 16, 5 up to 19, 8 kWp
POLYCON PC 42 = 10, 5 up to 12, 6 kWp
POLYCON PC 18 = 4, 5 up to 5, 4 kWp

For more information, kindly contact our offices for an appointment with our energy specialist.

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